Our Core Solutions.

Process automation

We automate routine tasks to save time and let you focus on your core business.

Digital Platforms

We build mobile apps, web applications and other digital tools for efficiency.

Cyber Security

We identify vulnerabilities in systems and recommend mitigation solutions.

Ecommerce Strategy

We facilitate businesses to start selling products online.

Data Driven marketing

Using data from your industry, we guarantee successful digital campaigns

Data Analytics

Get meaningful insights from your exisiting data for decision making.

How do I know if I qualify for a solution?

Generally, if you answer yes to the below questions then your business may require some form of automation.

  • Do you keep data on several excel sheets which are confusing at times?
  • Do you have daily/weekly reports that take time to develop?
  • Do you do manual reconcilliations at Close of business?
  • Do you find alot of errors in your reconcilliation due to manual entries?

We provide digital platform for the following scenarios

  • E-commerce platforms to sell online
  • Bulk Communication platforms for emails, web push and SMS
  • Data collection tools for Registrations and Profiling of customers
  • GIS platforms for mapping location based data
  • Web applications for accessing reports and analysing data
  • Point of Sale softwares

If you have an online business, below are some of the cyber security challenges that we can help you with

  • Disaster recovery assesment: what happens if everything crashes do you close shop?
  • Web app vulnerability assesment, e.g SQL injections, cross site scripting, Denial of service attacks etc
  • SSL certificate installation
  • Automated email going to spam? This reduces success rates of customer communication

Would you like to sell online? Great we can help you as follows

  • Recommend an exisiting online market place to sell
  • Develop a custom e-commerce market place for you
  • Integrate payment solutions: Paypal/Mpesa for accepting online payments

To succeed with selling products online, we need to use data to inform decisions. Our data driven marketing helps you with the following:

  • Understand which channels bring the most traffic to your website focus on them
  • Do A/B testing to understand which images/media attract customers to your products most
  • Understand best selling products and prioritize their placement on website
  • Understand what customers looking for your product are searching on google
  • Understand demographics of your customer base and position your product accordingly

We help you get the most insights out of your exisitng data through:

  • Cleaning up existing data for better analysis. Validating new data.
  • Eliminating manual processes to ensure data is as realtime as possible
  • Designing required reports with attractive graphic charts and visuals
  • Exploring what other insights can be drawn from the data and adding them to reports
  • Using business intelligence tools e.g Microsoft Power BI to provide strong analytics platforms.