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Submit your business challenge.

Give us details on the issue your business is facing.

Is it low sales? revenue leakage? too many manual processes? Whatever it is you can share with us and we are happy to think about how we can help. Clearly describe your issue, and you can hide your company name if necessary.

Getting started : 25%
Lets think of a Possible Solution.

We will review your challenge and brainstorm possible solutions.

We'll get right to it and think of possible solutions to your problem. If our consultants identify a viable solution, we shall communicate the solution to you for review and proceed to next phase.

Solution found: 50%
Lets get it done.

We agree on KPIs & implement the proposed solution.

Now that we have a candidate for a solution, we shall establish key perfomance indicators to measure success, and agree on percentage revenue share on additional revenue from the solution. After signing off on these, we roll our sleeves to implement solution with your support.

Work in progress: 75%
Monitor performance.

Now that the solution is live, we monitor performance.

We closely monitor performance of the solution via online platforms, and adjust appropriately for maximum success.

At this stage if the solution is successful based on the KPIs, we shall calculate the extra revenue gained to determine invoicing.

SUCCESS! : 100%